Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ying Yang in this Thang .. hahah

The new tat is complete but not finished. here goes a few pics. comment and tell me what you think.

The ninja was fly this weekend.

We hit up music city and we all were fly as hell. check us out.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Girls be FAKING.

I am not directing this post to any individual girl but if you be faking, you know exactly who you are..I dont see why a chick will waste her time tryna make you think she likes you if she know she ain't really tryna pursue something with you.. I am going up to be a man and i am looking for something real. i know it is college and all but there are too many diseases, ignorant, and stubborn people to constantly be sleeping around.

so i ask why waste your time and my time if you don't want what i want? just come out straight forward, be mature, and let that person know how you feel. Truth is valuable and is very much desired..

"Duffman says a lot of things."

New tat tomorrow!

I will be gettin my third tattoo tomorrow. and i am pretty excited for this new art that i will be gettin.. Pics will be up tomorrow at some point.. comment and tell me what you think when they get up.

"Duffman says a lot of things."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Arts and Crafts

Today new board came in, had some spray paint laying around and made something pretty cool.. here it is..

Also, decided to take a few pictures and edit them.. solo dolo photo shoot.

This weekend..

I will be returning to the DMV for a whole month of summer.. wooohooo! ask me if i am excited?!

That was a dumb question! duh i am excited to come home. i plan to week the first week i return, back at chili's. ughh.. but yay! they are offering me good money and right now i really need it.. so yeah..

But about the activities i hava planned for this summer are wide ranged. i will definitely be skating alot and chillin and partying with The CREW and others. i also plann to attend a few shows or something fun like that. i had planned to get a car soon after i returned home.. but i wasnt being too responsible and i might not have offer money for one that i really want, because i refuse to settle. but we shall see what happens. So see you all in the DMV, and to you NC enjoy being dull without me.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The inevitable can hold fear..

Once you are born in this world it is inevitable that your will face Death and your corpse will decay into the Earth's soil, whether we like that idea or not. There holds fear as of when this will happen. No day is promised to any occupant of this small peice of the galaxy. But when this day of homecoming happens, will our life goals be fulfilled? will you find you life's soul mate? will you have time to look back on all th accomplishments you were able to achieve on the soil? Will we ever know our true meaning in God's eye? what were we put on this planet to do?

This thing called earth holds so many hardships and for what, to say that you were strong enough to get through them? Sometimes i feel as Death and homecoming is the reward for having to live on this Hell formally known as earth. But is it guaranteed that the homecoming is even there, or what if the eternal home is not the one northbound but the reverse direction? we can never know if we have fulfilled God's calling for us as individuals, and for that reason the inevitable will always hold fear in my eyes. It is a fear compiled but positive curiousity and just as much doubt.

Living is hard and dying is easy, so does that mean that we work hard to just die and disappear? i have so much on my mind with the feeling my heart holds. i want to believe we work hard in life to be rewarded but i will never know my ultimate reward until it comes, hoping that the promise of eternal glory does come. Maybe i am just thinking too much about my life's direction, because i am so confused with the person i am, and the person i am working to become. i want to be able to find one person i love and one person that makes me enjoy this lifetime. but should i be depending on a individual with faults just as i to fulfill my happiness? so many questions with no guaranteed answers.. i should stop before i put myself in a mood that will be too hard to exit. this doesnt have to make since to you readers it is just something i need to relieve from my mind.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Koston leaves Lakai...{old news} but joins NIKE SB!!

I dont know have i feel about this. but koston has officialy joined Nike SB.. i feel like he has been through so much with lakai... kinda selling out to me. But. koston joing SB makes them that much more awesome. So kudos to Koston and his new sponsor Nike SB.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Duffman with a Brown Pigmentation.. and that is it!

I recently took a quiz on Facebook to determine how "white" i am... and guess what it came out that i was 100% white..

This bewildered me because what the hell does it mean to be 100%.. is it because i love rock and hate the gangsta rap shit?.. or because i wear skinny pants and love to skate?.. or it is because i dont indulged in complete and utter ignorance that is commonly associated with the black race?..

I am quite frankly getting tired of hearing the Black/white shit...Race is so socailly constructed, it is ridiculous. (thanks UNST) I have discovered that i have no race. i am not black. i am not white. I am simply Duffman with a Brown Pigmentation... and that is it!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Led Zep!

i finally got my fallen angel tat (led zep logo). on my forearm.. i love it and it is mad dope.. not too original but the others are yet to come.

the pain was so relaxing, tattoos are great...

"Duffman Says a lot of Things"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This Weekend...

I come home!! yay.. i might get to have a awesome skate sesh sunday, hopefully it doesnt rain.

Also there will be a new battle commander on the berrics... Kerry Getz.. it shall be awesome.

Oh also, first tatto of many is coming soon.. bank flow is definitely goin my way, so we shall see

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Skateboarder Meteorologist.. haha

I gathered this satellite imagery myself and made a animation out of it.. hope you enjoy Alberto..

New complete.

This week I am ordering a new complete. AWS deck of course, Independent trucks.. the usual there. But i am deciding the change up a little with wheels and bearings. I am gettin ricta wheels and zero bearings. i am going for change both in my style and just my board in general. Spitfire and Red bones have gotten me far but i think change in that category is what my skateboard has been waiting for.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What do i do for lunch..?

I am a little confused about what i will eat for lunch everyday on this internship. i could just walk to the rib express but i doubt i want to buy lunch everyday, i am saving for tattoos and skateboard related items.. i don's want to carry a lunch in everyday like a fifth grader but the seems to be the most economical procedure. I guess i will be carrying my little power ranger lunch box with a canteen in it for my food source.. hahaha. i doubt that but i will be carrying lunch for the majority of my time working here..

Update: My advisory got made at me because i didn't understand the what he was saying.. ummm i advise that he write it down because his dialect is a little much for me to handle.. but i will work through it.
Today i research air parcel trajectory of the red sea. very interesting.

"Duffman says a lot of things."

Monday, May 11, 2009

First Day at Internship

I am sitting in the Atmospheric/Meteorology lab on my first day of work and i must say i am having a pretty darn okay time.. i am all alone in this lab, and i will be for the first week or so. I dont really mind that because it is a good paid internship with many benefits towards my resume, my knowledge compounding, and my bank account.

So Overall i feel that i can handle whatever they throw at me. Considering on my first day i was able to successfully track Tropical Storm Debby from 2006 and create a satellite imagery movie for it. mwuahahaha =]

Well, i am back off to reading Understanding Weather and Climate. I am teaching myself about clouds and hurricane formations.

"Duffman says alot of things"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Zumiez Couch Tour

June 20th! i will be home to attend the zumiez '09 Couch tour, featuring the Circa Skate team,Emery, and Closure in Moscow. it is going to be great. i need to find the friends that are coming with me but it will be exciting. Cant wait.

"Duffman Says alot of things"

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Es Game of Skate

I will be entering the competition in Fredricks, MD so wish me luck and plenty of SKATE Goomba raping.. I hope to bet at least 3-5 people. this will be a huge competition with the possiblity of skating against pros. i hope to make some accomplishments in my first ever skate comp..

"Duffman says a lot of things"

United by Fate. Episode five O_o

Globe's United by fate has episode five coming up soon.. it shall be as epic as the first four. Check them out if you never have. Skateboarding rules!

"Duffman says alot of things"

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Beginning of the End..

So i just finished packing the majority of my things here at school, and i must admit that no matter how many doubts i had about attending a HBCU, it came up positive. i dont have too many bad things to say about college life at A&T . i know new year will bring all the great things that i may have missed in my first year.

I just wish i could come home for the majority of the summer, but i have to get my money and build my foundation for my future success with thiss 10 week REU internship. i hope it is as great as i am expecting. Well i dont have much to say, just thought i should update my bloggers about my current college status. peace out..

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sad Boys..

Okay so here it is... Skate crews make me excited (no sexual) i always wanted to put together a group of awesome skaters with flare, personalities, and spontaneity. I want to make awesome vids and have awesome hangout/skate sessions.. I want to tag and sticker bomb our crew name all over the US and other countries if possible.

I dont think this is too much.. The name of my crew shall be THE SAD BOYS (SAD = Skate and Destory), pretty rad huh?? but this can be a sort of calling out to all skaters in the Greensboro, NC area.. If you want awesome people with awesome steez hit me up to start this epidemic. We can modify the skate world with hard work, dedication, and fuckn ultimate shredage. This crew will not consist wack ass, goomba ass, non steezy mo fo's. it will be official i hope. if not i will stay the only memeber of the SAD BOYS.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back to the Basics... once again

You know.. i talk about cartoons a lot more than your average college students but screw it dude, cartoons make me happy and they take me to a place that no one else can. So i am simply going to talk about Dexter's Laboratory in this blog. Now this show is awesome by itselfs but if you really watched it you would get lucky enough to see one of the two awesome shows embedded into DL, which are Dial M For Monkey and Justice Friends (many Kudos to the awesome Van halen of the justice friends, one of the most rocking superheros that goes mildly unheard of). I am just saying but having to ability to develop two cartoons from one, says alot and must mean that we have a EPIC Greatness happening.

Also, i have to say that being in elementary school and having the ability to have your own Laboratory is flipping awesome, only awesome people think of this stuff. And if you pay attention to dexter's voice, you will notice he has a strong carribean accent.. kinda weird but hella awesome to have a white miniture carribean scientist. what esle can you ask for for?.. nothing doubt it. The plot is awesome and i love the cartoon. I am a bit upset to the way that cartoon network has changed but the old cartoon network is definitely something that is award winning great..Cartoons simply FTW!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You Just Don't Know the Value

Coming to North Carolina and experiencing the lifestyle and living situations it has to offer, i must say that i truly know how great The DMV can be. the City of Greensboro is soOoO small, i am not used to having the ability to stand in the middle of a city and the end from all directions. Sad but True. Washingtion D.C. has so much to offer; from awesome skate scenes, spots, style, and just utter "uniqueness".

The quote, "You do not know the value of something until you lost it.", is so true. I have not lost D.C. but i miss it so much and i hate that i have to be away. But i will be content here, start my foundation for my money flow, and get back whenever and how ever often i can.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Black Man cant Dance

Watching Youtube today, i saw a video of a little white boy dancing to Apple Bottom jeans and i noticed that he looked exactly like me as far a dance skills were concerned.. this is not a good thing he was absolutely horrible.. no offense to him.

But why do i have to complete inability to dance and actually look good. It is an insult to my ancestery i believe, they work hard in music, art, and dance and i have not maximized the gift they gave to our generation. i feel like i am the only one. but anyways, since i am lacking dance skills i will just become a EPIC pro in skateboarding and be content with that.

"This is the little kid that caused my inner pain."

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I got this girl thing all figured out.

Okay, so people walk around with the perception that guys are hornballs and all we do is think about ass and tits and the next time we will hit... this has truth value, in a sense. But the cause for the extravagent horniness is the lack of sexual media we as males expose ourselves to. You may be thinking guys watch porn all the time, but to be honest that isnt enough, and guys do not watch porn that much to cure the amount that one male possesses.

So, i was sitting in the room watchin tv with a female friend, she so happens to be watching Sex in the City and i watch with her. I was so surprised when i saw these graphic scenes of hardcore sex in a normal television series.. that is when it hit me. Girls watch sex on tv all day everyday, Lifetime, Oxygen, , HBO, MTV, and all the channels that have exploit sexual content. Girls read these love romances that do nothing but graphically describe cock and poonon intercourse.. Guys do not expose themselves to this stuff and that is one reason it is always on our mind. Girls have the ability to resort to books and television as a outlet for sexual desires.

Therefore, girls make us look bad for wanting there poonon but the the truth is they think about cock and poonon more than every guy in the world, they just started releasing the sexual strain in a different way. They also start at younger ages. and they are jerks for that.

"This cover shows how much girls honestly want our cocks..."

On the search for a legit Bun joint.

That is all i want. i want a girl about 5'2"-5'6".. cute as all outdoors.. smell good.. creative, original type.. one that doesnt have an unbearable attitude.. and thats about it.

Is that hard to find ? or am i just looking in the wrong places or just not hard enough? or or she rigth around me and i am slightly missing her?

good questions need good answers, so anwers those for me.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Do i attend a High School?

There are many reasons i ask this question, but the main reason is because there are some ignorant ass, immature people that attend this so called University. i can consider these wack ass motha fuckas, NIGGAS, yes! NIGGAS. i dont use that word against people, but when the shoe fits these dudes wear them well.
But you have those people that havent grown up yet; but around the year 2012, on that graduation day, we will see who has that last laugh. Come to think about it i might not even have to wait that long for them to drop out... i apologize for this truth that i may be speaking, i never want people to see people fail. But continous immaturity, stupidity, and lack of respect is starting to piss me off. So, as of right i can give a rat ass where those niggas end up, as long as it isnt death.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back to the Days when nothing mattered

I miss the days that i would come home from school flip on the tv, turn to disney and watch Pepper Ann and recess.
They were my favorite shows and i know you all remember them. During this time period i had nothing to worry about, stress about, or manange. I only had the minor responsibilty of house hold chores. Those were the good days, but now i am out in the big world basically managing my own. But i can handle it, it is easy right now, i just hope after college i can say the same.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Found Hobby

So i dedicated to go into a tennis court to skate, it was well lit and a flat surface..
awesome skate spot to practice tricks, nothing too big.

But who figured that i ended up playing doubles in tennis and we actually beat those sorry mofo's we played.. ha! i think i am goin to start playin tennis when i dont feel up to skating.
it isnt a gay sport. it is hard as hell to be good. but i will be one day, mock my word

HBCU, maybe not

So, there is talk about the process of converting one of the best known HBCU's (North Carolina A&T SU) into a regular university...

Is that even possible...

Quite stupid in my opinion. Society is Dumb. Rebel yell...

Alien Workshop

The best boards ever in my opinion..
yeah i broke a few but they have my upmost respect.
they are creative and different, two things i consider myself.So, i believe they should pick me up one day and add me to the team.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Running off of Education

Let me tell you what is not a good idea... do not stay up to 6am doing homework and hanging with your suite mate, when you have to wake up at 8am to prepare for you 9am class and when you have a mass amount of calculus homework due that same day. ohhh did i mention there was a chemistry test envolved also?
Well guess what?...Dte decided to do the exact thing i just did not recommend. Ask him how the day was.
Let me answer for him.. MISERABLE. The only reason he is still up his because he is running off of education and dedication to a grade, because energy and consciousness left hour ago..

Making friends out of nothing at all...

Coming off to an HBCU in North carolina, i had many doubts on finding people that i would be able to tolerate everyday. I thought it virtually impossible to find people that i can be around everyday and chill and converse and shoot the boots with and actually like it. I thought i would be a complete outsider with people that dont accept the things that i do and the things that i enjoy.

But i was so wrong and biased for that assumption, i have actually found three of the best people that the MD and NC have to offer. And they happen to be my roommate and the guy next door and his girlfriend. They have adapted to enjoy my presence just as much as i enjoy theirs. We are inseparable. Their names are Kevin (Kevo), Brian (B-dog), and Ashley (Ashbash). They make life in North Carolina entertaining and tolerable.

The thing about it though is we are so differnt, but we still have to small things that bring us all together. Who thought i would like the people that love GoGo music?.. who thought they would teach me to like it as well?.. no one, definitely not I. But i love those three and i am too joyous to say i have the honor and pleasure to know such fantastic people.

Random Movies make the world go round

I recently watched a flick called Election (1999), it has to one of the best movies i have seen in a long while. It is about a over-achieving female high school senior running for class President.

I know you are thinkin big deal, high school kids running for class president , whip-ti-do.. what could possible be great about that. But your wrong, the writer added so much more than a gay election plot with outrageous side stories and creativity that you mind will truly be blown. So much random plots; love affair between a female a student, lesbain little sisters, high achool jock stealing lesbian little sister's girlfriend, love affair between best friend's wife, and too many other random things to name.

If you havent seen this movie, i advise you go see it. iI will make you gut jump, your ribs crack, and your brain go on vacation to Euphoria. Well it did for me, if it doesnt for you go get the happy gland checked.

The next step for me is to get this greatness on DVD.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The daily ops of me..

I wake up around 7- 8 am everyday, but not on thursday because i don't have class til 2. The first thing i do when i wake up is scream, "Fuck!" i really dont like waking up relatively early considerin i just went to sleep relatively two hour prior like shit... but hey that is a personally problem.

After i get back from my morning class, i immediately shred my clothing and hop into the buttery goodness of my bed. And i get on the laptop and log on to the BERRICS.

This the best site ever... skateboarding heaven. i have to check the daily ops everyday. Today's new post was about PJ Ladd's Project granite, which he will do a new ledge trick every tuesday, how fucking sick is that yo. Then i might flip back over to the older vids that i have already watched thousands of times...But, let me disgress and get back to myself.

Ummm. i tend to fall right to sleep after i check that ops and i then wake up at 1:30 pm to get to my 2pm classes which i hate... and then i just go to class til 4 pm and then it is either to the caf to eat, or back to sleep, or maybe even some homework if i am feeling good (rarely do i feel good enough). but yeah life is pretty lame in NC. Weekends are bland, but in the next few weeks i plan to have a blast doing whatever it is that tickles my pickle..