Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This weekend..

I will be returning to the DMV for a whole month of summer.. wooohooo! ask me if i am excited?!

That was a dumb question! duh i am excited to come home. i plan to week the first week i return, back at chili's. ughh.. but yay! they are offering me good money and right now i really need it.. so yeah..

But about the activities i hava planned for this summer are wide ranged. i will definitely be skating alot and chillin and partying with The CREW and others. i also plann to attend a few shows or something fun like that. i had planned to get a car soon after i returned home.. but i wasnt being too responsible and i might not have offer money for one that i really want, because i refuse to settle. but we shall see what happens. So see you all in the DMV, and to you NC enjoy being dull without me.

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