Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The daily ops of me..

I wake up around 7- 8 am everyday, but not on thursday because i don't have class til 2. The first thing i do when i wake up is scream, "Fuck!" i really dont like waking up relatively early considerin i just went to sleep relatively two hour prior like shit... but hey that is a personally problem.

After i get back from my morning class, i immediately shred my clothing and hop into the buttery goodness of my bed. And i get on the laptop and log on to the BERRICS.

This the best site ever... skateboarding heaven. i have to check the daily ops everyday. Today's new post was about PJ Ladd's Project granite, which he will do a new ledge trick every tuesday, how fucking sick is that yo. Then i might flip back over to the older vids that i have already watched thousands of times...But, let me disgress and get back to myself.

Ummm. i tend to fall right to sleep after i check that ops and i then wake up at 1:30 pm to get to my 2pm classes which i hate... and then i just go to class til 4 pm and then it is either to the caf to eat, or back to sleep, or maybe even some homework if i am feeling good (rarely do i feel good enough). but yeah life is pretty lame in NC. Weekends are bland, but in the next few weeks i plan to have a blast doing whatever it is that tickles my pickle..

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  1. weekends arent that bland...
    u get to b wit me, b-dog n kevo =]