Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You Just Don't Know the Value

Coming to North Carolina and experiencing the lifestyle and living situations it has to offer, i must say that i truly know how great The DMV can be. the City of Greensboro is soOoO small, i am not used to having the ability to stand in the middle of a city and the end from all directions. Sad but True. Washingtion D.C. has so much to offer; from awesome skate scenes, spots, style, and just utter "uniqueness".

The quote, "You do not know the value of something until you lost it.", is so true. I have not lost D.C. but i miss it so much and i hate that i have to be away. But i will be content here, start my foundation for my money flow, and get back whenever and how ever often i can.


  1. DC is awesome...
    and many people don't understand the awesome-ness of it...
    especially those who aren't from it...

  2. oh wow! so....you left DC?
    I love living here ( dc/pg) it's comfortable....and you get a taste of both suburbia and city life. I have to leave soon for school but this'll always be home.

  3. i had to leave for school and it sucks

  4. :]
    im in the middle of dc all day everyday
    we need our boy duff here though

  5. aww! Well, when you get back..maybe i'll see ya walkn around somewhere lol and we'll hang out