Monday, March 23, 2009

Do i attend a High School?

There are many reasons i ask this question, but the main reason is because there are some ignorant ass, immature people that attend this so called University. i can consider these wack ass motha fuckas, NIGGAS, yes! NIGGAS. i dont use that word against people, but when the shoe fits these dudes wear them well.
But you have those people that havent grown up yet; but around the year 2012, on that graduation day, we will see who has that last laugh. Come to think about it i might not even have to wait that long for them to drop out... i apologize for this truth that i may be speaking, i never want people to see people fail. But continous immaturity, stupidity, and lack of respect is starting to piss me off. So, as of right i can give a rat ass where those niggas end up, as long as it isnt death.

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