Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What do i do for lunch..?

I am a little confused about what i will eat for lunch everyday on this internship. i could just walk to the rib express but i doubt i want to buy lunch everyday, i am saving for tattoos and skateboard related items.. i don's want to carry a lunch in everyday like a fifth grader but the seems to be the most economical procedure. I guess i will be carrying my little power ranger lunch box with a canteen in it for my food source.. hahaha. i doubt that but i will be carrying lunch for the majority of my time working here..

Update: My advisory got made at me because i didn't understand the what he was saying.. ummm i advise that he write it down because his dialect is a little much for me to handle.. but i will work through it.
Today i research air parcel trajectory of the red sea. very interesting.

"Duffman says a lot of things."

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