Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sad Boys..

Okay so here it is... Skate crews make me excited (no sexual) i always wanted to put together a group of awesome skaters with flare, personalities, and spontaneity. I want to make awesome vids and have awesome hangout/skate sessions.. I want to tag and sticker bomb our crew name all over the US and other countries if possible.

I dont think this is too much.. The name of my crew shall be THE SAD BOYS (SAD = Skate and Destory), pretty rad huh?? but this can be a sort of calling out to all skaters in the Greensboro, NC area.. If you want awesome people with awesome steez hit me up to start this epidemic. We can modify the skate world with hard work, dedication, and fuckn ultimate shredage. This crew will not consist wack ass, goomba ass, non steezy mo fo's. it will be official i hope. if not i will stay the only memeber of the SAD BOYS.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back to the Basics... once again

You know.. i talk about cartoons a lot more than your average college students but screw it dude, cartoons make me happy and they take me to a place that no one else can. So i am simply going to talk about Dexter's Laboratory in this blog. Now this show is awesome by itselfs but if you really watched it you would get lucky enough to see one of the two awesome shows embedded into DL, which are Dial M For Monkey and Justice Friends (many Kudos to the awesome Van halen of the justice friends, one of the most rocking superheros that goes mildly unheard of). I am just saying but having to ability to develop two cartoons from one, says alot and must mean that we have a EPIC Greatness happening.

Also, i have to say that being in elementary school and having the ability to have your own Laboratory is flipping awesome, only awesome people think of this stuff. And if you pay attention to dexter's voice, you will notice he has a strong carribean accent.. kinda weird but hella awesome to have a white miniture carribean scientist. what esle can you ask for for?.. nothing doubt it. The plot is awesome and i love the cartoon. I am a bit upset to the way that cartoon network has changed but the old cartoon network is definitely something that is award winning great..Cartoons simply FTW!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You Just Don't Know the Value

Coming to North Carolina and experiencing the lifestyle and living situations it has to offer, i must say that i truly know how great The DMV can be. the City of Greensboro is soOoO small, i am not used to having the ability to stand in the middle of a city and the end from all directions. Sad but True. Washingtion D.C. has so much to offer; from awesome skate scenes, spots, style, and just utter "uniqueness".

The quote, "You do not know the value of something until you lost it.", is so true. I have not lost D.C. but i miss it so much and i hate that i have to be away. But i will be content here, start my foundation for my money flow, and get back whenever and how ever often i can.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Black Man cant Dance

Watching Youtube today, i saw a video of a little white boy dancing to Apple Bottom jeans and i noticed that he looked exactly like me as far a dance skills were concerned.. this is not a good thing he was absolutely horrible.. no offense to him.

But why do i have to complete inability to dance and actually look good. It is an insult to my ancestery i believe, they work hard in music, art, and dance and i have not maximized the gift they gave to our generation. i feel like i am the only one. but anyways, since i am lacking dance skills i will just become a EPIC pro in skateboarding and be content with that.

"This is the little kid that caused my inner pain."