Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Girls be FAKING.

I am not directing this post to any individual girl but if you be faking, you know exactly who you are..I dont see why a chick will waste her time tryna make you think she likes you if she know she ain't really tryna pursue something with you.. I am going up to be a man and i am looking for something real. i know it is college and all but there are too many diseases, ignorant, and stubborn people to constantly be sleeping around.

so i ask why waste your time and my time if you don't want what i want? just come out straight forward, be mature, and let that person know how you feel. Truth is valuable and is very much desired..

"Duffman says a lot of things."


  1. were your intentions clear? you can't be the only person who knows what you want. well, i guess technically you can, but if what you want involves the participation of another party then the other individual has to know where you're coming from and where you want things to go. communication is particularly important during these years. you said it yourself, it is college. there is a lot of time ahead for people your age so of course the vast majority of you all aren't ready and willing to be in monogamous relationships. So it's up to you to let whoever it is know where you're coming from, she may want the same thing

  2. the have been times where i have made my intentions very clear and they have stated they wnat the same thing but show no actions of the thing they say they desire. but i dont know, maybe i am overlooking something that mught be vital in this situation.