Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sad Boys..

Okay so here it is... Skate crews make me excited (no sexual) i always wanted to put together a group of awesome skaters with flare, personalities, and spontaneity. I want to make awesome vids and have awesome hangout/skate sessions.. I want to tag and sticker bomb our crew name all over the US and other countries if possible.

I dont think this is too much.. The name of my crew shall be THE SAD BOYS (SAD = Skate and Destory), pretty rad huh?? but this can be a sort of calling out to all skaters in the Greensboro, NC area.. If you want awesome people with awesome steez hit me up to start this epidemic. We can modify the skate world with hard work, dedication, and fuckn ultimate shredage. This crew will not consist wack ass, goomba ass, non steezy mo fo's. it will be official i hope. if not i will stay the only memeber of the SAD BOYS.

1 comment:

  1. SAD BOYS!!! =]
    i think u can do it...u just gotta find some people who love skating as much as you