Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Making friends out of nothing at all...

Coming off to an HBCU in North carolina, i had many doubts on finding people that i would be able to tolerate everyday. I thought it virtually impossible to find people that i can be around everyday and chill and converse and shoot the boots with and actually like it. I thought i would be a complete outsider with people that dont accept the things that i do and the things that i enjoy.

But i was so wrong and biased for that assumption, i have actually found three of the best people that the MD and NC have to offer. And they happen to be my roommate and the guy next door and his girlfriend. They have adapted to enjoy my presence just as much as i enjoy theirs. We are inseparable. Their names are Kevin (Kevo), Brian (B-dog), and Ashley (Ashbash). They make life in North Carolina entertaining and tolerable.

The thing about it though is we are so differnt, but we still have to small things that bring us all together. Who thought i would like the people that love GoGo music?.. who thought they would teach me to like it as well?.. no one, definitely not I. But i love those three and i am too joyous to say i have the honor and pleasure to know such fantastic people.