Thursday, May 28, 2009

Duffman with a Brown Pigmentation.. and that is it!

I recently took a quiz on Facebook to determine how "white" i am... and guess what it came out that i was 100% white..

This bewildered me because what the hell does it mean to be 100%.. is it because i love rock and hate the gangsta rap shit?.. or because i wear skinny pants and love to skate?.. or it is because i dont indulged in complete and utter ignorance that is commonly associated with the black race?..

I am quite frankly getting tired of hearing the Black/white shit...Race is so socailly constructed, it is ridiculous. (thanks UNST) I have discovered that i have no race. i am not black. i am not white. I am simply Duffman with a Brown Pigmentation... and that is it!


  1. I completely agree. I hate when there are certain stigma's and personality traits associated with a race. We're all different !! ugh I hate when people say i'm a white girl. I'm not! It's just really irritating

  2. people only created race because they needed a way to classify people...they had to find a way to separate everyone and make life'll always be my delo whether you're black, white or just have brown pigmentation =] quiz and nobody can tell you who you are

  3. Consider the source of the quiz. It is their perceptions(their mental image)that labeled you 100% anything.
    "To thy own self be true" -Shakespeare

  4. Wtf! Weclome to the club bro!
    Becuz according to my friends (Im white too).
    And I question their reasoning as well.
    I will always and forever love 1997!(rock band). And I will always and forever talk the way I do! Becuz according to u... Im not black or white... Im La'Rhonda Swales. And that is it! LOL!

    P.s [Sooo I def was thinkin about blogging about this same topic. LOL]

  5. my bad i had to take it from you lmao.. but seriously tell ppl not to hate cause we are not follow that wack black sterotype.. and we are actually different without even trying.. originality killS! and we got it

  6. Like that's soo tru. If I took
    that quiz I'd prolly get the same
    score. Lol