Thursday, April 9, 2009

Black Man cant Dance

Watching Youtube today, i saw a video of a little white boy dancing to Apple Bottom jeans and i noticed that he looked exactly like me as far a dance skills were concerned.. this is not a good thing he was absolutely horrible.. no offense to him.

But why do i have to complete inability to dance and actually look good. It is an insult to my ancestery i believe, they work hard in music, art, and dance and i have not maximized the gift they gave to our generation. i feel like i am the only one. but anyways, since i am lacking dance skills i will just become a EPIC pro in skateboarding and be content with that.

"This is the little kid that caused my inner pain."


  1. OMG!!! lmao
    red shirt was AWESOMELY horrible...
    it was so funny...
    its ok delo...
    im sure u'll accomplish one or the other...
    and ur dancin isn't that bad because it is funny...
    even though i guess that doesn't really help the situation =/

  2. know what's funny? I feel the same way lol i'm horrible @ dancing!I feel like people expect me to bus out something a little more "hip" than the robot lmao
    I swear, i thought i was the only one

  3. you arent the only one lol.
    i dont know how to improve my dance skills

  4. lol thats funny but he reminds me of me lol
    his parents let him watch to much tv