Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back to the Days when nothing mattered

I miss the days that i would come home from school flip on the tv, turn to disney and watch Pepper Ann and recess.
They were my favorite shows and i know you all remember them. During this time period i had nothing to worry about, stress about, or manange. I only had the minor responsibilty of house hold chores. Those were the good days, but now i am out in the big world basically managing my own. But i can handle it, it is easy right now, i just hope after college i can say the same.


  1. i remember pepper ann...
    and recess was the show!!! lol

  2. I miss these shows too!

    Pepper Ann Pepper Ann much too cool for 7th grade..
    No one's cooler than Pepper Ann..
    She's her own biggest fan Pepper Ann..


  3. not at all wayne you are retarded for that one