Sunday, March 29, 2009

I got this girl thing all figured out.

Okay, so people walk around with the perception that guys are hornballs and all we do is think about ass and tits and the next time we will hit... this has truth value, in a sense. But the cause for the extravagent horniness is the lack of sexual media we as males expose ourselves to. You may be thinking guys watch porn all the time, but to be honest that isnt enough, and guys do not watch porn that much to cure the amount that one male possesses.

So, i was sitting in the room watchin tv with a female friend, she so happens to be watching Sex in the City and i watch with her. I was so surprised when i saw these graphic scenes of hardcore sex in a normal television series.. that is when it hit me. Girls watch sex on tv all day everyday, Lifetime, Oxygen, , HBO, MTV, and all the channels that have exploit sexual content. Girls read these love romances that do nothing but graphically describe cock and poonon intercourse.. Guys do not expose themselves to this stuff and that is one reason it is always on our mind. Girls have the ability to resort to books and television as a outlet for sexual desires.

Therefore, girls make us look bad for wanting there poonon but the the truth is they think about cock and poonon more than every guy in the world, they just started releasing the sexual strain in a different way. They also start at younger ages. and they are jerks for that.

"This cover shows how much girls honestly want our cocks..."


  1. Sex and the City is the best movie!!!

  2. ^^ while sex and the city is a good movie lol I agree with what you're saying. We are exposed to it moreso than males are. Our media tells us that we must be this && that way to be considered sexy ....
    yours doesnt. Everything you said makes total sense. It also makes sense that we think most guys think about sex ...b/c of the magazines( written by women) and other forms of media ....tell us how guys are so we just automatically think all guys are like that. We're told that men are visual and they need something that pleases their eye
    that gets imbedded into our thinking and we just go on thinking like that lol Also, females are looked at, a whore if we say we like porn or think about it a lot. So we just leave that stereotype up to yall :)

  3. that makes alot of sense. and it made me look in another perspective about girls, sex, and all that type of stuff. society is suck a socially constructed thing and it is amazing how we let it shape our minds in such drastic ways.

  4. so true. so true. It's the world we live in though, and just as our biological strands influence us, so does our environment.

  5. LMFAO.

    I love the caption at the end. I agree, though. It's just the way we, as men, are. Our penis' are evil geniuses that plan for world domination. If they had arms and legs, they would be very futile, merciless beings......