Sunday, March 29, 2009

On the search for a legit Bun joint.

That is all i want. i want a girl about 5'2"-5'6".. cute as all outdoors.. smell good.. creative, original type.. one that doesnt have an unbearable attitude.. and thats about it.

Is that hard to find ? or am i just looking in the wrong places or just not hard enough? or or she rigth around me and i am slightly missing her?

good questions need good answers, so anwers those for me.


  1. all in due time sunshine. She'll be there all in due time. Just keep your eyes and heart open...

  2. delo...
    u gnna find the bait shorty...
    they all around u...
    u just gotta see which one fits u the best...

  3. honey bunches...we gonna get u a Temple girl!

  4. I think she's right under your nose && You dont know it yet. That's how it always is lol